Amid a noisy, crowded marketplace of digital commerce disciples, Sylvain Perrier is a voice of calm, reason and good humor. And as retailer partners of the Toronto, Ontario, company will readily attest, his unpretentious demeanor belies his uncompromising desire to help drive their success with Mercatus’ suite of technology solutions, which provide digital shopping and engagement software and support. Known for his impassioned views and know-how of creating a wholistic shopper marketing approach to achieve truly effective digital grocery commerce, Perrier’s expertise with mobile and in-store solutions, web technologies and software as a service (SaaS) architectures evident in his status as the lead inventor on more than 75 granted intellectual property patents in over 15 different legal jurisdictions for more than 10 distinct inventions. Cognizant of the role grocery stores play as a community gathering place, Perrier is also admired for helping his partners safeguard their core values in a tech-gone-wild world.