2019’s Most Trusted Food Retailers

2019’s Most Trusted Food Retailers

Americans have strong opinions and high expectations about their preferred grocery stores, and they largely base their perceptions on the overall trust they place in their retailers of choice. To gain a deeper understanding of which grocers rule supreme in the consumer trust domain, WGB and BrandSpark collaborated for the third annual Most Trusted U.S. Food Retailers market study to identify the retailers that are capturing the highest affinity among shoppers from coast to coast.


Most Trusted for Grocery by Own Shoppers

Percent of own shoppers in past 6 months; Comparison with 2018; Display only 2-point change or more


Data for WGB’s third annual Most Trusted U.S. Food Retailer report was conducted by BrandSpark International, which uniquely combines real world consumer and shopper insights with marketing credentials and services. Respondents were collected from a national panel of U.S. residents 18 and older who participate in grocery shopping for their household. They were recruited from an email invitation to participate in an online survey in September 2019. The Most Trusted Food Retailer survey was captured from 3,232 respondents, nationally representative by age, gender, census region and income level. The final weighted sample by gender was 68% women and 32% men. BrandSpark research focuses on insights that decode the shopper mindset, specializing in understanding their retail and e-commerce experiences. For more information, visit BrandSpark.com.

2018’s Most Trusted
Food Retailers
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