Dorothy Lane Market (DLM), which has three stores in Ohio, is known for offering good, gourmet food. Whether it’s artisanal bread, quality meats and seafood, or its Naples-style pizza, DLM nourishes “a culture that loves food,” says Calvin Mayne, president and COO. And its social media presence is a direct reflection of that.

Its accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest aim “to be a reflection of the great food and people that are DLM,” says Jessie Kuhn, marketing and communications director for DLM.

“We’ve found success balancing a mix of both our in-house professional photography of our food, associates and local vendors along with eye-catching candids,” she continues. “No matter the visual approach, each post should ultimately tell a great story, make people hungry or accomplish both.”

And amid the pandemic, DLM’s social media “presence has proved to be an effective way to get very important messaging to our community quickly during COVID-19,” says Kuhn.

The arrival of COVID-19 also meant meeting customers’ needs for contactless shopping options. “As consumer demand shifted in early 2020, we devoted most of our resources to improving our site, which ships nationwide, and, our local Grocery Pickup/Delivery website,” says Patrick Arnold, VP of IT and marketing for DLM. “In addition to the demand for grocery pickup and delivery, we also have seen a sustained demand for pantry and food gifts via”