5 Sustainable Ideas Worth Stealing

5 Sustainable Ideas Worth Stealing

Get Unfrozen

It takes about 100,000 gallons of water a year to generate the ice needed to fill a standard seafood counter in an average-size grocery store, according to the Ratio Institute.

5 Sustainable Ideas Worth Stealing

How Loop’s Reusable Packaging Program Is Reaching More Retailers and Consumers

Loop is a global reuse platform that aims to eliminate the idea of waste by letting shoppers buy products in reusable packaging.

When Walmart announced in 2019 that it had installed ultra-fast charging stations at 120 Walmart sites across 34 states, it did so not as just the country’s biggest retailer tooting its own sustainability horn, but as a partner—with Volkswagen-run Electrify America—in improving access to a service increasingly in demand for U.S. consumers.

Grocery retailers around the country are working to make their operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

As consumers increasingly become more aware of food waste, 61% say companies should do more to find solutions to this problem.

Consumer demand is pushing grocery retailers to do away with single use. They're now seeking zero use.