What’s one cool thing you’ve done in the past year to help elevate/promote health and wellness at retail? 

Meghan Sedivy: This past year presented a variety of unforeseen challenges sparked by the pandemic. From working at home and e-learning to restrictions and new safety protocols, we all had to adjust to an ever-changing landscape. With so much unknown, it was more important than ever for me to reach our Fresh Thyme consumers and connect with our communities. Though with social distancing and in-person filming put on hold, I had to find a new solution.

Since April 2020, I have appeared on over 30 remote broadcast segments across the Midwest. Filming from my own kitchen via Zoom, Facetime and Skype, I was able to find a new way to connect with Fresh Thyme loyalists and new shoppers alike, meeting them where they were at with important nutritional insights, delicious and healthy recipes, and fun ways to celebrate holidays at home.

At Fresh Thyme we are committed to providing the best natural and organic items at prices everyone can afford, and each of my segments were tailored to fit within different upcoming holidays, speak to new trends, and provide nutrition forward solutions that were digestible and attainable for consumers of all kinds.

What’s next as we ease out of the pandemic?

I believe functional health and wellness is here to stay, as people are more cognizant than ever of the foods and beverages they put into their bodies. As we look to return to a new normal, I think this will continue to serve as a north star guiding consumers shopping decisions. I am incredibly grateful to be a member of the Fresh Thyme team, where we offer real healthy foods at real affordable prices, making it easier for consumers to get more of the foods they love. By offering a more deliberate way to shop and eat, we present a more thoughtful approach to managing health and wellness. I look forward to finding new fun and innovative ways to introduce nutrition to consumers, showing that healthy options are not just good for our health, both physically and mentally, but can also be delicious, convenient, and cost-effective as well.