Basket Economics


Craig Herkert's Return Engagement at Save A Lot

Basket Economics: Supervalu's former CEO returns to lead the discount division he once dreamed of doubling in size; and other recent financial news.


Sounding the Alarm on 'Real-Time Retail'

Basket Economics: On Day 1 for Buyk, 'real-time retail' comes to life, and really big ambitions are revealed.

Basket Economics: A maiden voyage to a new Amazon Fresh store left some questions unanswered.

Basket Economics: A Grocery Outlet benefit program in Oregon brings a community together, and its husband-and-wife store owners temporarily apart.

Basket Economics: A new DGX in a Huntsville, Ala., parking garage—and another fast-rising hit in Popshelf—have Dollar General rocking.

Basket Economics: In an unusual recovery to an unusual recession, input costs are soaring while food retailers prepare for “difficult conversations” and greater productivity.

Basket Economics: The big ambitions for e-commerce in Kroger's new game plan could mean tough times for a store base that's still catching up to ever-higher consumer expectations, analysts say.

Basket Economics: A comprehensive reset, an unpredictable environment and, for the time being, an attractive stock price raise speculation around a Sprouts acquisition.

Basket Economics: Business realities smooth over differences as long-standing New York regional independents prepare to join forces.

Basket Economics: Timing and pricing concerns get in the way of Southeastern's IPO as the industry confronts a skeptical market in 2021.

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