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Will Kroger Eat Itself?

Basket Economics: The big ambitions for e-commerce in Kroger's new game plan could mean tough times for a store base that's still catching up to ever-higher consumer expectations, analysts say.


Could Sprouts Blast Off With Apollo Again?

Basket Economics: A comprehensive reset, an unpredictable environment and, for the time being, an attractive stock price raise speculation around a Sprouts acquisition.

Basket Economics: Business realities smooth over differences as long-standing New York regional independents prepare to join forces.

Basket Economics: Timing and pricing concerns get in the way of Southeastern's IPO as the industry confronts a skeptical market in 2021.

Basket Economics: Led by another whopping quarter at BJ’s, the pandemic has emphasized wholesale strengths and is whetting the appetite for faster growth.

Basket Economics: The surprise decommissioning of inventory robots at Walmart isn’t a blow to automation—just a different route to efficiency.

Basket Economics: A fickle market appears to be already looking beyond a powerful present and toward the moment when the industry will encounter its pandemic explosion.

Basket Economics: Six months into the pandemic, the supermarket is proving its resiliency, and with the right moves, can birth a prosperous new era.

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Basket Economics: Once again, the timing couldn’t be worse for the eternally patient, private equity-controlled retailer.

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