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Anheuser-Busch Redirects Funds to Aid Coronavirus Fight

What's On Tap: A roundup of news from the beer aisle and the beverage industry.

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Coronavirus Changes Marketing Plans for Many

The coronavirus pandemic has halted business as usual and as a result, organizations such as the California Avocado Commission and Perdue are altering how they address consumers.

The retailers are the latest to provide all employees with face masks and gloves.

The retailer says enhanced store safety measures, pay and benefit increases, and charitable donations are approaching $200 million.

With the COVID-19 pandemic predicted to worsen this week, coronavirus task force leaders urge Americans to contain trips to a bare minimum by declaring: "This is the moment to not be going to the grocery store."

Retailers have made fast adjustments in store practices to ensure employee and customer safety.

Chiquita donates 1 million bananas and NuCal Foods to donate 6 million eggs, while Brookshire, Price Chopper and Hannaford donate large amounts to shelters and food banks.

In the past few weeks, the grocery industry has focused a great deal on preventing the spread of the coronavirus, but in the absence of an official federal mandate, it has been on its own when it comes to addressing worker illnesses.

The campaign is an effort to thank grocery workers and a way for the association to provide valuable resources to the industry.

WGB's April editor's letter charts the grocery industry's rapid response to the coronavirus crisis that has thrust the world into unprecedented times and unchartered waters.

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