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High demand, bird flu are scrambling the egg supply chain

Some grocers are limiting egg purchases as consumers contend with bare shelves and soaring prices. But there might be relief on the horizon.


Kroger Announces Dairy Expansion

The grocer is expanding its Tamarack Farms Dairy to support the implementation of an aseptic milk line, capable of manufacturing products such as half and half, heavy whipping cream, coffee creamers and Carbmaster milk.

One roundup wasn’t enough; here are nine more products from the show floor.

WGB scoped the IDDBA 2022 show floor in search of the latest products.

At an inflection point for the industry—and with consumers turning to the fresh perimeter to save the day (or at least save dinner)—an in-person meeting of the minds is vital, IDDBA's Dotty VanderMolen says.

A schedule-of-events glimpse at what attendees can gain and learn from the upcoming show.

Study finds 40% of today’s shoppers bought meat and/or dairy alternatives within the last six months.

"The innovations that are happening in premium milk are driving all of the growth in milk," says Blake Waltrip, U.S. CEO of the a2 Milk Co.

Despite the challenges of the past two years, including supply chain issues and inflation, plant-based foods have built on growth seen in 2020 and 2021.

Portfolio currently includes 15 meat and dairy alternatives, with more releases expected later this year.

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