FreshDirect Absorbs FoodKick as FreshDirect Express Launches

The evolved service offers 2-hour delivery across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Fresh Food

Impossible Foods Launches Direct-to-Consumer Site

The company, which has increased its retail footprint nearly 20-fold since the start of the year, is making its plant-based burger available in family-size quantities for two-day home delivery.

Digital coupons and rewards earned through the retailer’s Shop & Earn MVP rewards program are now redeemable while placing pickup or delivery orders.

The offering will reach 45 U.S. states by the end of July .

The Lempert Report: How much do restaurants make when they use a delivery app service?

The faster delivery option leverages new technology and fits a changing value proposition for shut-in shoppers and the retailer.

The meal kit company counted 1 million new U.S. customers in Q1 as stay-at-home orders kicked growth to new levels.

The new 2-hour delivery service offers shoppers an edited selection—and a chance to pay their way out of congested delivery slots.

Stay-at-home orders have breathed new life into once flagging meal kit sales, but will these gains continue when restaurants reopen?

The Lempert Report: Eyeing the longer term, the delivery service is creating a paid loyalty program.

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