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Better-for-You Beverages Hit Key Consumer Demands for Health

Consumers more than ever are concerned about health and wellness, and beverage brands are rising to the occasion to improve the drinks they offer.


The Next Healthier Shopping Tool You Wear on Your Wrist

The Lempert Report: A new wristband device uses a shopper's DNA to help them make healthy shopping choices.

The Lempert Report: Circadian rhythms, or our "biological clock," may soon be used to construct better diets through use of time-restricted eating.

The Lempert Report: Focusing on how foods taste could be the best way to improve our diets.

The Lempert Report: A recent study finds only children have less healthy eating habits than families with multiple children.

The Lempert Report: Studies show that most foods eaten in the U.S., including so-called weight loss foods, contain ingredients that make people want to eat more.

The Lempert Report: In an increasingly health-conscious America, the government has devoted only a tiny fraction of its research dollars to nutrition.

The Lempert Report: Cutting calories and reducing desserts is a popular New Year's resolution, but for most people, the change doesn't stick.

Senate approves Houston oncologist Stephen Hahn amid uncertainty over President Trump's position on flavored vape.

A look at topical products and why consumers and retailers alike are flocking to the CBD segment.

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