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Self-Driving Vehicles Used to Deliver Food During COVID-19

The Lempert Report: The program developed by Brookfield Properties and Optimus Ride is helping families in southeast D.C. who are struggling with food insecurity amid the pandemic.

Fresh Food

Are Parents to Blame for Picky Eating?

The Lempert Report: Study finds more positive experiences associated with food—rather than demanding a child clear their plate—will encourage consumption of new foods.

The Lempert Report: The FDA is temporarily loosening its policies during the coronavirus pandemic to help minimize supply chain disruptions and give producers more flexibility amid shortages.

The Lempert Report: The coronavirus has changed everything about food.

The Lempert Report: With more people cooking and eating at home, there's a renewed effort to make the most out of every meal

The Lempert Report: COVID Impact Survey provides an ongoing assessment of the nation’s mental, physical and financial health during the pandemic.

The Lempert Report: Indoor farming startup offers solutions to inefficiencies across the supply chain.

The Lempert Report: App created by Microsoft and Purdue University estimates the amount of crop production that is at risk because of COVID-related factors.

The Lempert Report: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study finds that eating just one meal high in saturated fat can reduce concentration and focus.

The Lempert Report: "It is time to learn how to produce food near to you," says Cherrie Atilano of Agrea.

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