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Federal Nutrition Research is Underfunded, Report Says

The Lempert Report: In an increasingly health-conscious America, the government has devoted only a tiny fraction of its research dollars to nutrition.


The Battle Continues: Red Meat vs. Plant Meat

The Lempert Report: Sorting through perception can lead to more consumer confusion.

The Lempert Report: More restaurants are fielding dietary requests to accommodate everything from life-threatening allergies to finicky dislikes.

The Lempert Report: As consumers reject antibiotics in fast food, grocers have an opportunity to position themselves as a healthier alternative.

The Lempert Report: Cutting calories and reducing desserts is a popular New Year's resolution, but for most people, the change doesn't stick.

The Lempert Report: Uber Eats will begin testing its new technology in San Diego in just a couple of weeks. 

The Lempert Report: Fish is loaded with important nutrients, giving retailers an opportunity to sell.

The Lempert Report: 1.5 million Americans experience adverse reactions to sesame every year. 

The Lempert Report: A new map shows food retailers just how complicated the supply chain really is, and where improvements can be made.

The Lempert Report: Reducing food waste can be fueled by a consumer's desire to save money.

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