The Lempert Report


Agroy E-Commerce Platform Acts as Wholesaler for Farmers

The Lempert Report: Products available range from fertilizer to seeds and pigs.


Uber Puts a New Spin on Bike-Sharing Services

The Lempert Report: The acquisition of Jump could be used to enhance food delivery.

The Lempert Report: The standards for another organic certification program would list factors such as grown in soil and pasture-raised.

The Lempert Report: Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables also led to an increased use of irrigation water and pesticides.

The Lempert Report: The 16-time cookbook author says "recipes are dead."

The Lempert Report: A new "Hotspots" feature could allow the chain to send pizza to customers at beaches, parks and landmarks.

The Lempert Report: Regulations have often been reversed in direct response to petitions from oil, coal and gas companies.

The Lempert Report: The price hasn't changed since the 1980s.

The Lempert Report: Some combinations can have negative effects such as weight gain and blocked calcium absorption.

The Lempert Report: A study found adults who included plenty of whole, plant-based foods in their diet reported happier moods.

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