Fresh Food

Meat Sales Still Up Even With Tamped Down Memorial Day Celebrations

The category still saw double digit growth even with supply limitations and subdued consumer celebrations over a heavy grilling holiday.

Fresh Food

Meat Alternatives See Sales Gains, But Lose Share

Sales of meat alternatives have been up by double digits for 11 weeks, but the growth is not keeping pace with meat.

Sales in the category continue to grow as consumers stocked up more due to supply issues and increasing prices.

The prominent media coverage of plant closures drove yet another wave of stock-ups.

As it recovers from a slowdown in production due to the coronavirus, the company is implementing a 30% price cut on certain beef products.

A closer look at who is spending today and who will be the prime spenders of tomorrow.

The Lempert Report: With large meat plants slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, workers have been offered bonuses to stay on the job—but money isn't the main issue.

Sales were up 49.7% along with a 34.8% volume gain during the last full week of April, when plant closures also prompted consumers to stock-up.

The meat supply is being tested by COVID-19, and retailers are responding by limiting sales to keep product in the case.

Retailer and vendors donate 534,000 meals amid COVID-19 pandemic; customer-facing Round Up campaign will further benefit the efforts.

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