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Top 10 Trends From Power of Meat 2020

The Power of Meat 2020 found demand for meat hit $50.5 billion in sales in 2019. Here is what retailers might see in 2020 regarding top consumer trends.

Fresh Food

Demand for Meat Accelerated to $50.5B in 2019

The 15th annual Power of Meat report takes a deep dive into consumer behavior as it relates to meat and poultry.

The company has teamed with pitmasters to use its products in competitive barbecue events across the country.

The new Steakholder Rewards program offers beef knowledge and awards to customers for connecting with the brand.

Telling the story of where and how meat is raised plays a critical role in attracting consumers, especially for premium meat products.

Deal for family-owned McGonigle's Food Store will bring Fareway to KC for the first time.

The Lempert Report: A farmer designed a "mobile pigpen," allowing pigs to prepare soil that will be used to raise crops.

The Specialty Food Association’s president expands on why he sees Beyond Meat as a case study in the delicate balance between food and financial engineering.

The Specialty Food Association’s president outlines his broad view on the transformation of the food industry by small, entrepreneurial startups in part one of a series.

The initiative combines the food and agriculture sectors to address how to feed people in the future that is beneficial to people, animals and the planet.

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