Albertsons, Target Join Social Media Ad Ban

Food companies and retailers say they hope an ad-ban can spark social media giants to responsibly police online hate speech.


Promotions Are Back—At Least Virtually

After reeling in sales flyers as the pandemic struck, both retailers and their shoppers are tuning increasingly to digital ads, sources say.

The units from Volta, coming to 100 stores by next year, will support the brand's sustainability goals while providing new marketing opportunities to reach drivers, the retailer said.

The switch, effective July 1, will grow the United banner in Odessa and Midland markets; Albertsons Market to continue in New Mexico.

Online retail has conditioned consumers to expect hyperpersonalized experiences wherever they go, and the pandemic is quickening the convergence.

Consumer response to the pandemic triggered consumption patterns that could be "sticky," Mark Clouse said, but will require stores and suppliers to rethink the soup category.

A closer look at who is spending today and who will be the prime spenders of tomorrow.

The regional retailer's new series features Buddy Valastro, Jeff Mauro, Alex Guarnaschelli and Adam Richman.

Although the pandemic has put the kibosh on experiential food retailing, WGB’s signature monthly Grocertopia feature serves as a visual reminder of excellence in merchandising, engagement and retail theater.

In the “Please” campaign, several customers and their families promote social distancing behavior in-stores.

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