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Lawmakers Pressure Walmart to Boost Worker Wages

Sen. Bernie Sanders' "Stop WALMART Act" would prohibit stock buybacks for companies that don't meet proposed wage guidelines.


Walmart's Momentum Continues in Q3

Sharp pricing, omnichannel convenience and a strong U.S. economy combine to lift comps by 3.4%.

The warehouse operator is focusing on "what we can control" as it waits out sluggish pricing.

The strategy will seek sales and share growth through omnichannel expansion and leveraging local brands, executives shared during Capital Markets Day presentation.

A pilot with Ford and Postmates will gather data, gauge customer reception as delivery options evolve.

Frans Muller's "Leading Together" strategy will step up capital spending, supported in part by cost reductions.

Seven Austin stores join Go test as retailer eyes “dominance” in digital retail.

The Lempert Report: Walmart is building a digital tracking system that will increase transparency across the supply chain.

The Ahold Delhaize Maryland-based division's "The Little Things Are Giant" campaign will re-establish local identity for the newly decoupled chain.

The data reveals third-quarter price and sales trends for the top 10 fruit and vegetable commodities and value-added produce categories.

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