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How a potential government shutdown could impact the grocery industry

Funding for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) would end almost immediately, while Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payments are guaranteed through October.


Target to close 9 stores in 4 states due to ‘unsustainable’ theft and organized crime

The closures, scheduled for Oct. 21, include stores in New York City, Seattle, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon.

Nation’s largest grocery retailers to be tasked with developing near-term action plan.

An investigation found that consumers are frequently charged more at the register than what is listed on the shelf, the lawsuit said.

Mayor Brandon Johnson said Chicago is conducting a feasibility study to determine whether it could open a municipally owned grocery store in an underserved neighborhood on the South or West side.

Analyst calls the national agreement “relatively swift and painless” versus deals made by drug store chains.

Wall Street sees divestiture deal as positive step, while UFCW remains cautious about potential impact on workers.

Aisle 1: Shrink again monopolized earnings reports, and grocers and other retailers are now locking up popular items, reducing inventory and investing in tech solutions, but nothing seems to be working.

The city joins Berkeley, California, in requiring grocers to move candy bars, sugary drinks and other treats at least 6 feet away from cash registers.

The U.S. Department of Labor is proposing to make salaried employees making less than $55,068 eligible for overtime pay, up from $38,568. The threshold would change every three years.

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