Fresh Food

Fully Autonomous Farm Opens in California

The Lempert Report: The indoor hydroponic farm, Iron Ox, is run by robots.

Fresh Food

Top 5 Produce Predictions for 2019

Frieda’s Specialty Produce forecasts fruits and veggies taking over from center plate to dessert.

The new packaging would designate which products are safe to consume based on where they were grown.

The category is taking a second hit this year as the CDC warns consumers to avoid and dispose of all related products.

The annual program recognizes 25 honorees for their innovation in merchandising, produce-related community outreach and increased store sales.

The Lempert Report: Produce and other items affected by the new tariffs will be sent to food banks.

The data reveals third-quarter price and sales trends for the top 10 fruit and vegetable commodities and value-added produce categories.

The Lempert Report: The initiative encourages those using SNAP to make healthier food choices.

Salads from the grower's Ohio facility arrive in Supercenters in 3 states; more facilities planned.

The Lempert Report: The facility will grow massive quantities of leafy greens using minimal water and land.