Raley’s Gives Hourly Employees Fourth—and Largest—Appreciation Award

Full-time employees will receive $500 and part-timers will receive $250 for their dedication to serving customers during COVID-19.


Food Lion Expands To-Go to 38 Stores in North Carolina, Virginia

The grocery pickup service is now available at nearly 250 stores.

The retailer instead will promote earlier holiday deals, starting in October and available online and in-stores.

Wegmans, Publix and Southeastern Grocers lead this week's pack of good-deed doers in the grocery industry.

The locations in Long Island City and Newburgh are expected to open in early 2021, marking the the 220th and 221st stores for the retailer.

With no timeline on when circulation patterns will return to normal, Southeastern Grocers and Kroger are encouraging customers to round up their bills, while Meijer has converted its self-checkout lanes to debit/credit only.

As the list grows, WGB break downs which grocers are requiring masks chainwide, as well as effective dates and exemptions.

The third round of bonus pay for full- and part-time employees will add up to about $428 million.

A driving force behind the Giant Heirloom Market concept, Paul Madarieta has been honored by the Philadelphia Business Journal as a 2020 Minority Business Leader.

The biannual Produce for Kids campaign aims to give back while offering digital opportunities to shoppers, including a free Facebook Live Cooking Class.

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