Fresh Food

6 Specialty Foods Consumers Are Seeking for Comfort Amid the Pandemic

The coronavirus crisis has shoppers rediscovering the joys of experimenting in the kitchen.

Fresh Food

July Means Sockeye Salmon

Retailers can benefit from one of the biggest catches in years, supplier Bristol Bay says.

The week saw huge sales in both dollars and volume as selection was more expansive than previous weeks and even though prices remained elevated.

The retailer’s Bistro and Open Nature lines will soon display the Responsible Choice logo for sustainable sourcing.

The Lempert Report: Bumble Bee CEO Jan Tharp joins Phil Lempert for a Q&A on a new commitment to sustainability.

The retailer said the offering could influence global seafood practices and accelerate move to sustainable seafood.

Consumers have high standards for seafood. Perhaps more than in any other grocery category, consumers want to know the story behind their seafood purchases, especially where it came from.

Though consumer behavior is transforming, the demand for affordable, nutritious, delicious, and sustainable farmed Atlantic salmon remains steady—and Chile is meeting that demand.

Albertsons, Kroger and Publix commit millions, and Grimmway, SeaPak and Golden West Food Group donate food en masse.

Sales of seafood are slowly increasing, but this increase can boost the entire store.

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