How Daisy Is Democratizing AI for Retailers of All Sizes

Daisy’s VP of sales, Jeff Sweeney, shares how his company’s “reinforcement learning” platform helps retailers of all sizes see what others don’t.


Kroger Answers Some—But Not All—Questions on Ocado

CIO Yael Cosset says flexibility is an underrated strength of the sophisticated e-commerce system that will play a key role in the retailer's online ecosystem.

Chris Brandon, VP of business development for Movista, discusses how the company’s mobile-based retail execution and workforce management platform is increasing accountability.

Order for pickup can be overwhelming since retailers prioritize many different factors. But it helps to understand why an important part of the process is speed.

A key to successful promotions is recognizing the complex relationships between products, promotional and price elasticity, forward buying, and seasonality.

The Lempert Report: Grocery retailers grab customers by some of the same means as restaurants, and Grubhub's latest app can help.

While third-party providers can help grocers test demand, the author says going in-house sells the product, and not the delivery.

The Lempert Report: One new report says social media influencers order excess food for the sake of the perfect Instagram shot but much of the featured food goes to waste.

In a state of the industry address at PMA's Fresh Summit, CEO Cathy Burns highlights opportunities to better understand consumers.

A proprietary scanning and payment application allowing shoppers to check out with a swipe of their phone will be in 30 stores by year-end.

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