Antimicrobial Gloves Increase Employee and Customer Safety

Observing grocery staff wearing gloves has become commonplace, particularly when working with ready-to-eat foods in the deli or produce departments, or when performing customer-facing tasks such as checkout or deli counters.


Building Shopper Loyalty in the Age of COVID

A new shopper survey from Anyline Inc. finds that price and expiration date errors erode customer loyalty and trust.

While COVID has threatened salad bars with extinction, Chowbotics has unveiled new technological developments for its fresh food robot Sally that it says allows grocers to “reclaim” this once profitable area of the store.

Shoppers at Fresh Thyme Market will soon have access to product information in-store and in real time, thanks to scannable shelf tag data.

Albertsons Pay offers bank-connected and stored-value options, providing shoppers with cash-free checkout and opportunity to drive deeper digital relationships

And the challenge of ensuring that operational and brand standards are enforced consistently across stores is magnified for multi-location grocery brands. 

“Homegating”—a tailgating alternative that brings the food and fun indoors—had already become a mainstay for football fans in years past.

A new Twitter account embodied by a fast-working cartoon robot provides AI-generated meal solutions and inspiration for Kroger shoppers.

In the wake of the pandemic, grocery stores are seeing record-breaking traffic.

As Kroger looks to expand share of meals and not just groceries, a "dark kitchen" partnership sees new light with customer-facing installation at two Midwest locations.

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