Tops Expands Contactless Shop + Scan Option to 5 More Stores

The service, which keeps a running total of basket items while customers shop, is now available in 24 Tops locations.


Kroger Expands Fulfillment Network in Ohio

A 61,000-square-foot facility in the Columbus area will serve as a last-mile cross-dock location that can reach customers up to 200 miles away, the retailer said.

The retailer is expanding its partnership with DroneUp and says drone delivery will be available to as many as 4 million households in six states by the end of the year.

The partnership will allow customers to skip the checkout line for a contactless way to shop.

Data and tech company Numerator finds that Amazon Prime has a higher satisfaction rate and intent to renew among subscribers vs. Walmart+ and Shipt Everyday.

The independent grocer becomes the second to sign up with the e-commerce company, with more retail partners expected to launch in the coming weeks.

Midwest retailer aims to better plan, manage, analyze and optimize promotions for shoppers.

Both its Just Walk Out and Amazon One frictionless retail technologies will be available at Seattle’s T-Mobile Park later this summer.

It's a misconception to think that indoor farming is inherently safer, writes FMI's senior director of food and product safety—and retailers need to be aware of indoor farms' unique potential challenges.

"It’s important for grocers to have a diverse range of store formats to meet customer needs and manage labor," says Michael Jaszczyk, CEO of GK America.

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