Lowes Foods Applies Itasca Magic for Ordering and DSD Receiving

The regional grocer installs new platforms chainwide to streamline and enhance operations.


1-on-1 With Instacart Chief Business Officer Nilam Ganenthiran

WGB's Breakroom guest discusses the gig economy in retail, how to handle hot topics and Blue Jays baseball.

The Lempert Report: With robotics on the rise, ArticulAte tackles how food and grocery could be affected.

Next-gen leaders have one more week to enter the new industry recognition platform that will honor top talent in the general merchandise; health, beauty and wellness; nonfoods; and retail technology sectors.

The Monroe, Ohio, facility represents a $55 million investment from the retailer.

The technology provides personalized offers and recommendations based on shopper data.

Zia Daniell Wigder discusses the issues and interest behind the fast-growing retail tech and innovation show.

The retailer announced a partnership with self-driving vehicle company Gatik to streamline short-haul deliveries.

Indie board game developer Galactic Sneeze called for followers to incorporate supermarket terms into movie titles.

Fulfilling grocery orders accurately and efficiently is incredibly complex and requires a deep culture of service, FreshDirect veteran says

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