Walmart Announces Voice Shopping Rollout

The retailer confirmed it was launching a voice shopping capability that will aid convenience and reward frequency.


How Foodservice Is Embracing Technology

The Lempert Report: Investors are pumping millions into restaurant concepts that use blockchain, AI and apps to personalize menu offerings and customize meal recommendations.

The Lempert Report: Some say the USDA's new labeling rules favor agriculture industry interests over environmental concerns.

Customers now have access to a shopping list and wellness guide.

Amazon’s next retail concept won't be limited to groceries. You'll see other products such as clothing, health and beauty items, electronics and lots of technology everywhere.

The Lempert Report: Where the Stop & Shop and IBM app Shopping Buddy left off, a new technology called Apricart takes flight.

The retailer is experimenting with alternative revenue streams as it works to meet its Restock goals.

Retailer's Retail Business Services group partners with IBM to bring workers with autism to IT departments.

The second phase of the pilot will cover four ZIP codes after a successful run in Arizona.

The move comes after a successful pilot in Michigan that saw more than 1.1 million downloads.