Grocery Retailers Adding Online Waiting Rooms

As COVID-19 claims more lives, social distancing in grocery stores has to be taken seriously, and retailers are responding.


Are Virtual Lines the Future of Grocery?

New Seasons Market and New Leaf Community Markets have partnered with Waitwhile to offer shoppers a digital queue option that eliminates lines and promotes social distancing.

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The Lempert Report: First the nicotine patch, now a bacon patch?

The Lempert Report: Apps facilitating sales of expiring items can reduce waste, but there's questions about user experience and who pays the rewards.

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Shoptalk has been rescheduled for September as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, moving Groceryshop to 2021.

Tech challengers see opportunity to get more supermarkets on board in wake of Seattle debut.

Regional grocery chains leverage Itasca technology to become more strategic.

The retailer is expanding its digital engagement efforts, seeking "real-time personalization."

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