Kroger's 84.51 Launches Customer Data Platform for Brands

Stratum could be an additional alternative revenue stream for the retailer.


How Machine Learning Can Optimize Assortment and Retain Customers

Artificial intelligence can vastly help retailers avoid the consequences of “paradox of choice” with easy-to-predict outcomes and simplified assortment that protect both margins and customer loyalty.

Amazon hasn't commented, but permit records indicate a 10,000-square-foot retail store with frictionless checkout—which might be part of its grocery store plans—is on the way.

In July's Endcap interview, the Wakefern lifer talks about the role that "fueled his fire" for the grocery business, AI and how an entrepreneurial mindset works well in a growing company.

The Lempert Report: Cyber agriculture combines tech and traditional farming techniques to enhance the yield and quality of crops.

The Lempert Report: Startup offers insights to help food businesses reduce waste, and it uses blockchain tech to schedule pickups for donation.

The Lempert Report: Gene editing technologies are helping to create new products, but regulation is a gray area.

The new system reduces shrink and the risk of human error.

The retailer is testing the Forager digital procurement system to cut complexities in sourcing from local suppliers.

The regional grocer installs new platforms chainwide to streamline and enhance operations.

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