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Newcastle Brown Ale Unveils New Look

Newcastle Brown Ale has changed its packaging, and its point of origin, as its U.S. importer looks to focus sales and marketing efforts on its most popular skus in retail and on-premise formats.

The new packaging highlights the gold, blue and orange colors associated with the brand and will lead to improved visibility on the shelf, officials of its U.S. importer Five Points Trading Co. said. The new look coincides with production of the beer moving from the John Smith’s Brewery in the U.K. to the Zoeterwoude Brewery in Holland.

“Moving production of Newcastle Brown Ale to Holland makes sense for our distributor partners and our consumers alike,” Charles (Chas) Littlefield, GM, Five Points, said in a statement. “The move allows us to improve service levels including shorter order lead times, faster transportation to the U.S. and fresher product for our consumers. Despite the move, Newcastle Brown Ale fans can rest assured that the original recipe has not changed guaranteeing them the best, freshest quality Newcastle Brown Ale they love, every time, whether purchasing at retail or at their favorite local bar or restaurants.”

Under Five Points management, Newcastle Brown Ale’s commercial priorities will shift to a hyper-local focus, concentrating efforts and resources against the greatest local market opportunities where current and high potential Newcastle Brown Ale fans live.

“Moving production to Holland will also now allow us to ship Newcastle Brown Ale from Heineken demand points, enabling distributors to order by the pallet versus by container,” Littlefield added. “This means Newcastle Brown Ale orders can be combined with other demand point portfolio products.”


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