Brightfield Group Launches Wellness Industry Platform

Releases complementary functional beverage report
Photograph: Shutterstock

The hemp and cannabis market and consumer researchers at Brightfield Group have recently launched Evergi, a platform that integrates psychographic consumer survey data with social listening to help CPG marketers and innovation teams better understand consumer need states within the emerging wellness industry, the company said.

To accompany the launch, Brightfield has released a report exploring the differences and similarities between functional beverage consumers in order to help beverage brands develop distinct products that meet consumer expectations.

“We found early on at Brightfield that in industries as fragmented, nuanced and fast-moving as cannabis and CBD, traditional methods of market research just did not work; we needed to think outside the box,” Brightfield Group Managing Director Bethany Gomez said in a statement. “We developed innovative ways of approaching the market, integrating best practices like consumer surveys with emerging technologies like social listening and digital menu audits to give our clients a holistic view of the industry. After years of working with the leading brands in cannabis, CBD and CPG, we are excited to apply our unique methods to new emerging categories in the larger wellness space.”

The report titled, Who Is the Functional Beverage Consumer, lists some key takeaways for CPG brands in the wellness space, including the following:

  • Sports drinks are preferred for healthy hydration, while energy drinks stay in their lane.
  • Kombucha is preferred for bodily and mental health, while turmeric tea is for general well-being.
  • Turmeric tea consumers are taking a “crunchier” approach to well-being, meaning they are more likely to be eco-minded, emphasize sustainable well-being practices, and look for those attributes in the products they buy.
  • Oat milk latte consumers are more ingredient and brand-conscious while cold brew consumers are just looking for the jolt.

Brightfield Group’s findings further indicate that CPG and wellness brands would do well to focus on creating new products with the customer’s needs at the center. “By understanding and focusing on consumer need states, brands have the ability to unlock new product opportunities and can remain agile in their product development,” said Brightfield Group.

According to Brightfield Group and Evergi, the most successful products will be created with a “specific need state already in mind.”

“‘Wellness’ is still a fairly nascent industry with significant opportunity for growth,” said Gomez. “Consumer behaviors are evolving much too quickly to rely solely on traditional methods of research. By pinpointing what consumers are feeling and talking about right now, brands and innovations teams don’t have to risk the possibility of launching products destined to underperform in an already saturated market.”


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