DoorDash wants to make it easier for CPGs to advertise

The delivery platform on Monday rolled out a suite of self-serve ad platform offerings designed to boost incremental purchases for brands across grocery, c-stores and other retailers.
DoorDash wants to make it easier for CPGs to advertise on its delivery platform. / Photo: Shutterstock

Delivery firm DoorDash on Monday launched a self-serve ad platform laser focused on consumer-packaged goods brands.

The suite of products includes a CPG ads manager, third-party platform management options and the ability to integrate DoorDash’s API into a company’s own ad-management platform.

“As we continue to build the ad platform for local, our goal is to connect every store and brand within each store to every local consumer,” VP of DoorDash Ads Toby Espinosa said in a statement. “Ads on DoorDash continue to be a trusted way for consumers to discover new businesses and products that are relevant to them for every shopping occasion.”

DoorDash has more than 25 million monthly active users across the more than 75,000 grocery, convenience and retail stores on its platform.

By making it easier for CPGs to advertise, DoorDash said it hopes to boost incremental purchases for the brands. CPG brands can place item-level sponsored products ads on the delivery platform.

The new self-serve platform allows CPGs to activate, manage and measure their sponsored product ads on DoorDash. More than 50% of orders generated from those ads come from new customers, DoorDash said.

DoorDash ads can also now be accessed through third-party platforms Pacvue, an enterprise software solution, and Flywheel, billed as a “white-glove, full-service digital commerce agency.”

CPG brands can activate banners, promotions and sponsored products ads to be seen across DoorDash’s platform, the company said. That includes curated product collections, placement atop category sections and top product search placement.

DoorDash, which began in 2013, has been steadily growing its focus on non-restaurant delivery in recent years.

Last month, the delivery provider said it had added or expanded its partnerships with Sprouts Farmers Market, Giant Eagle, Weis Markets and The Raleys Companies.

“DoorDash’s mission is to be the one-stop shop for all local commerce needs for consumers, and that starts with bringing every business on Main Street online,” said Shanna Prevé, the company’s VP of business development, in a statement at the time. “DoorDash is hyper-focused on selection, and we’re excited about the significant progress we’ve made towards connecting every grocery, convenience and retail store to every local consumer.”


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