Safe-Dock Infant Car Seat

Safe-Strap Co. announces the Safe-Dock, a universal infant car seat docking station for shopping carts. The Safe-Dock provides a secure place on the shopping cart for parents to “dock” the portable car seats that they routinely bring into stores, according to officials for the Wharton, N.J-based company. On the heels of mounting injuries and a tragic death, earlier this year warnings were added to shopping carts to alert consumers not to place their personal infant carriers or car seats directly on the shopping cart. Despite the new warnings, most parents still place car seats atop a shopping cart. With the addition of the Safe-Dock, they can continue to do so safely and conveniently, say company officials. “Most personal infant carriers and car seats specifically warn against their use on shopping carts,” says Paul Giampavolo, president of Safe-Strap Co.  “In fact, all carriers warn against placing them on any elevated surface. Consumers either don’t read the warnings or mistakenly believe the practice of putting a car seat on a shopping cart is safe. However, this practice is not safe and the publicity surrounding the recent death of an infant whose carrier fell from a cart has sparked an enormous amount of chatter in the blogs among parents warning each other not to put their carriers on carts.” By providing the Safe-Dock on a few carts in each store, retailers can attract parents with infants, make them feel good about the store and help them to be more relaxed while shopping so they can focus on shopping longer and buying more of what they need, he adds. Safe-Strap Co. Safe-Dock


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