Smart Step Anti-Fatigue Mats Popular at NGA Show

SS_matAt the National Grocers Association in Las Vegas this year, Smart Step Therapeutic Flooring demonstrated that they were bringing several unique opportunities to the Independent Grocers. Not only did Smart Step highlight its anti-fatigue mats that come in standard sizes, slotted varieties and customizable puzzle piece options; they pointed out an easy way to boost employee morale and productivity, say company officials. The five year performance warranty on the company's products guarantees comfort and a cost effective solution in comparison to the rented mat solution. The company also launched its Seconds program, which opens up the opportunity to receive slightly damaged mats at fantastic rates. OSHA recommends that employers provide anti-fatigue mats for any job that requires long term or stationary standing. Smart Step mats are ergonomically engineered to help protect employees from serious health risks associated with static postures and reduce injuries, sick days and worker’s compensation claims. In addition to demonstrating corporate commitment to employee wellness, Smart Step anti-fatigue mats will improve productivity, customer service and overall employee morale, officials add. Smart Step mats are 100% made in the USA and grocers across the country are taking advantage of this made in America product. “When we started manufacturing our premium SmartTech Polyurethane flooring products, we had no idea of the tremendous impact we would have on countless businesses," says Daniel Bouzide, company president. "The thousands of astonishing testimonials continue to encourage us. Not many companies are fortunate enough to be a part of such an inspirational, well-being movement. In exchange for your overwhelming support, we at Smart Step will never compromise our values and commitment to exceptional quality.”


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