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A 12-Year-Old Food Critic Makes an Impact

Does it matter how reviewers rate food?

The Lempert Report

Luca Marconi, or Luca Two Times as he is known on social media, is a 12-year-old from Brooklyn, N.Y., famous for his Instagram videos.

"I'm from an Italian family," explained Luca to, so he feels his heritage gives him the tastebuds to be a food critic. What really sets Luca apart from other food critics is his unique rating system. It's based on a scale of 100 to 1,000. 

"I want to be nice," he said. "People love me because I'm always positive."

His rationale is that if he gives a restaurant a 100, they'll thank him. But, in reality, that number is more like a 1 out of 10. Most of his scores are in the 700-900 range. His only 1,000 point rating? Nutella pizza.

Luca hopes to reach 100,000 followers soon. Some of his videos have already racked up close to 100,000 views and he's appeared on "Rachael Ray," as well as on Today. Luca told the New York Post that his goal is to become a lawyer one day and give back to the community.

I have not met Luca, and judging by his reviews, he has a great presence, is entertaining and certainly understands social media. As far as his taste buds goes? Research shows that someone who has developed a sophisticated palate peaks at age 50, so we will just have to wait and see.


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