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6 Ways to Boost Bakery Sales

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A food label or bag closure can make the difference between a consumer purchasing a product or not. So, why not create eye-catching ones? For example, when consumers are scanning those tasty bakery section products for a favorite “to-go” treat, it’s a great time to grab their attention to try something new. Food labels and bag closures also help stores to connect with consumers, whether it be information about a new flavor, promotion or seasonal specialty.

Here are six ways to use labels and closures to quickly communicate messages at a glance:

  1. Showcase seasonal and local specialties. Winsight Grocery Business’s May 2018 issue showcased current bakery trends, with seasonal specialties topping the list. Providing special labeling for seasonal items is a great way to pique interest in these items. It also imparts anticipation for the next seasonal treat.  For example, a successful limited-time promotion by Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Meijer’s bakery team featured house-made sugar cookies that played off a signature orange slice served with a local brewery favorite, Oberon Ale. Special labels drew attention to the products and the baked goods were featured on decorated displays.
  2. Store branding. Developing brand recognition is a critical part of any successful marketing plan. Closure labels can include anything from high quality graphics and colors to help establish that important brand recognition.
  3. In-store coupons. Coupon-style labels are easy to see and encourage shoppers to pick up the product to learn more. They’re a tangible strategy, and consumers may be more likely to redeem them—creating additional purchases.
  4. Product information. Labels can communicate everything from weight and ingredients to bar codes and size. According to Technomic’s 2018 Bakery and Coffee Café Consumer Trend Report, as the clean-label trend (e.g., all-natural, etc.) nears a point of maturity, bakery cafes are looking for new ways to communicate health and nutrition. Rather than highlighting traits such as items that are energizing or hydrating, they’re going a step further and showcasing fruits and spices in both beverages and foods as antioxidants. The report notes that foods positioned as natural remedies have the chance to resonate with healthful consumers at both bakery- and coffee cafes. So, why not follow suit and use some show-stopping labels to draw attention to these sought-after ingredients in grocery bakery sections?
  5. Charity and public service. Showing what a store supports is a great way to build a brand and connect with consumers, too.Closure labels offer an excellent way to showcase support for favorite charities or local public events.
  6. Contests and games. Want to promote a shopping sweepstakes? Or, how about a lottery-type game to win a free dozen donuts?  Labels can be printed with data ranging from winning numbers to a “scratch off” gaming label.

Creative, informative and fun, food labels and bag closures should be a key part of any grocery store’s selling strategy. Companies such as Kwik Lok create a host of bag closures and labels that cater to the “to-go” portable food industry. A good label can turn a “maybe” purchase into a “yes” purchase. Isn’t it time to say “yes?”

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