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Blockchain Tech Connects Grocers With Local Farmers

The Lempert Report: Retailers can browse and order produce all on one platform

lempert is making local food a reality at scale by bringing products from independent farms to restaurants and supermarkets. 

The company is using cutting-edge marketing and blockchain technologynever seen before in food, according to Dan Beckmann, the company’s CEO. 

According to a Packaged Facts 2017 study, local food demand has quadrupled since 2005, putting a new strain on an already fragile system. streamlines ordering, payment and delivery from independent farmers within a 250-mile radius of where the food is to be consumed. 

The company offers unprecedented transparency in the supply chain. By using the blockchain technology, app users are able to track their product from harvest, to pick up, through delivery and drop off.

Here’s how it works: Farmers list available produce, and restaurants, supermarkets and institutional buyers browse local products, place orders with multiple farms and pay all on the platform.  

A boon for local.


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