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Boost Premium-Tier Meat Sales in an Era of Uncertainty

Photograph courtesy of Tyson Fresh Meats, producer of Chairman’s Reserve® Meats

Retailers have spent this year rising to challenge after challenge to ensure customers can get the groceries they need in safe, convenient ways, especially with a significant increase in demand. As restaurant dining restrictions have changed in the wake of the pandemic, many consumers have shopped more at grocery stores, not only for their regular meals, but also for “special” meals for which they may have otherwise dined out. For these occasions, premium products, including premium meats, help consumers feel like they’re treating themselves, while also helping grocers boost basket averages.

As the pandemic continues, these premium meats will remain uniquely qualified to meet consumers’ needs—especially as the holidays approach. But why should retailers convey the value that premium meats offer, both now as well as once restaurants reopen, when consumers may go back to dining out instead of cooking meals at home? And what are the benefits for grocers who heavily promote these types of meats? Take a look.

Business-boosting solutions

For retailers, encouraging consumers to purchase premium meats such as  Chairman’s Reserve® brand—a fine-dining restaurant quality beef and pork brand—not only boosts the bottom line, but it also lets customers know that there’s an alternative to their usual cook-at-home meals. Premium meats offer consumers something that’s a little more special, a little more indulgent. According to a 2020 study by Hunter Public Relations called Food Study Special Report – America Gets Cooking, 51% of consumers plan to cook more at home even after the pandemic. By emphasizing quality and premium meats now, retailers can harness post-pandemic dollars from those consumers. 

Another consideration: curbside shopping and grocery delivery are likely here to stay. By offering and encouraging purchases of high-quality meats, retailers can set their customers’ minds at ease while ensuring them they won’t have to settle for lower-quality products. According to Midan Marketing’s June 2020 COVID-19 study, one of the biggest barriers for curbside pickup or delivery pre-pandemic was shoppers’ desire to pick out their own meat and produce to ensure quality. By offering brands that offer unmatched, reliable quality, such as Chairman’s Reserve® Meats, retailers can reduce consumers’ reluctance to purchase meats for delivery or curbside pickup. 

Offer inspiration and reap the benefits 

To entice consumers to purchase high-quality meats, be sure to include descriptors on online grocery shopping sites and apps that highlight the quality of these products. Verbiage such as all natural, hand-selected and premium all indicate to consumers that the product they’re choosing is a cut above the rest (no pun intended). Communicate that value to online grocery shoppers and use in-store signage for onsite shoppers as well.

Consider offering recipe cards for meal inspiration, too. As consumers cook at home for longer stretches of time, they may tire of their usual repertoire of meals and yearn for something new and exciting. By showcasing which cuts of beef or pork work best in certain recipes, retailers can tip the scales in favor of those cuts selling more. 

In this uncertain time, retailers have a tall challenge: entice consumers to purchase high-quality foods, and consistently deliver on those promises of quality. With Chairman’s Reserve® Meats, retailers can do both. To learn more, visit

This post is sponsored by Tyson Fresh Meats, producer of Chairman’s Reserve® Meats.


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