Education, Experience 'In Store' at IDDBA

A preview of what IDDBA '19 showgoers can expect to find in the revamped What’s In Store Live destination area
IDDBA Show & Sell Center
Photograph courtesy of IDDBA

Trends and fads come and go, regardless of the product or service. As food practitioners, we know just how much consumer eating patterns have changed over the years. Shoppers are expecting more from their local supermarkets, from portion sizes and convenience to new flavors and more prepared-food options.

Trends and fads are the force behind many of these changes, requiring retailers to react and adapt to stay competitive. If consumers can’t conveniently find what they’re looking for at your stores, they won’t hesitate to visit other retail channels that do.

One trend I believe is here to stay is something we as food professionals have been focused on for the past few years: experience. It’s a major factor in attracting and retaining shoppers, who have more options for buying food than they’ve had in the past. And it’s a topic that we at the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) have been focused on for almost our entire existence.

For 30 years, IDDBA teams of industry-respected volunteers and staff have worked hard to develop concepts and merchandising ideas at its annual trade show. Until this year, this engaging and interactive area of the show floor was called Show & Sell. Now called What’s In Store Live, this must-see destination at our annual event provides show attendees with innovative and creative ways to draw consumers to their dairy, deli, bakery, cheese and prepared-food departments.

IDDBA Show and Sell Center

Photograph courtesy of IDDBA

By incorporating current and future trends—many of which have been explored in IDDBA’s annual research publication What’s In Store—the teams develop concepts and merchandising ideas that educate attendees and inspire them to share these ideas with their on-site colleagues.

As in past years, we have a dynamic lineup of concepts and merchandising ideas for our attendees. And I’m pleased to give you a preview of what to expect at What’s in Store Live at IDDBA ’19:

Cake Concepts

  • New traditions and holiday creations, which will explore cake designs inspired by emerging occasions as new opportunities to celebrate.
  • Personalization of treats through mobile devices, whereby attendees can place orders for themselves or a local charity.
  • Building more with less, which will give attendees ideas on how to develop new creations in a short amount of time with few products.
  • Party in a pinch, which will demonstrate how to create “dessert charcuterie.”
  • Pairing ideas for increasing cake-consumption opportunities.

Bakery Concepts

  • The Sweet Shop, showcasing the conjoining of bakery items with indulgent additions, such as dipped cookies and caramel applies.
  • A bakery café, featuring a coffee bar as well as trendy sandwich and quiche concepts.
  • Sweet and savory concepts for waffles, a hot trend with boundless opportunities for topping creativity.
  • Make-your-own cookie dough bar.
  • A focus on artisan breads, including scratch mixing and shaping, as well as live-action baking throughout the Show.

Deli Concepts

  • Innovative ways to market lunch options with lunchbox sets geared toward both kids and adults.
  • Grab-and-go options for customers searching for entertaining ideas and parties.
  • A redesigned soup bar, featuring bone broth with custom inclusions.
  • In-store merchandising concepts designed in the spirit of farmer’s markets.
  • A stand-alone, grocerant-type concept named La Trattoria, featuring ready-to-eat, ready-to-warm and all other eating options in between.
  • Ideas for fresh merchandising of pet meal options.
  • A back-of-house area dedicated to meal kit prep and space efficiency.

Cheese Concepts

  • A focus on cheese as an ingredient, illustrated through fresh grated, fresh cubed and shredded.
  • Ideas on how to build a cheese board, including "build to order" concepts.
  • Cheese occasions, with a focus on the nutritional benefits of cheese.
  • A focus on milk and its varieties, butters, yogurts and cultured items.
  • Fondue merchandising concepts.

Convenience Store Concepts

  • Creative grab-and-go snacking options.
  • Innovative offerings for ready-to-eat snacking and meal pickup.

At IDDBA ’19, education and experience go hand in hand, and this partnership of knowledge and the senses stretches beyond the Show. Our goal is for these ideas and concepts to be a source of inspiration at our attendees’ stores and companies in helping them to deliver an engaging experience for their shoppers.

Learn more about What’s In Store Live here.

Mike Eardley is president and CEO of the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA).


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