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Inline Plastics Introduces SquareWare Food Containers

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Inline Plastics has launched its new SquareWare food containers, the newest members of the company's Safe-T-Fresh line of patented tamper evident products that ensure product protection.

The line of four-inch containers has a one piece hinged clamshell design. The single SKU offers efficient inventory management compared to two-piece containers, while increasing efficiency, output, and productivity for food processors when packing. SquareWare containers are highly leak resistant and lock in freshness, safeguarding their contents from packing to the consumer's home.

The containers have a sturdy design with beveled corners which increase stacking strength up to 20 percent, say company officials. The lids have integral stacking rails that allow multilevel displays and merchandising, which translates to maximizing shelf utilization. SquareWare enables supermarkets and convenience stores to optimize valuable shelf space and build enticing product displays, officials add.

The SquareWare line includes five popular sizes—8-,12-,16-, 24-, and 32-ounce—all with the same footprint and new SureGrip Technology. The wide grab tab with textured grip provides a more positive, user friendly experience for consumers and processors when closing and opening the container. The Safe-T-Gard security tear strip hinge keeps deli, produce, grab-and-go, sweets, snacks and more safe and secure. SquareWare's eye-catching design and clarity makes these containers highly visible and emphasizes freshness, encouraging impulse purchases.


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