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Le Roulé Spreadable Cheese Launches With Three Flavor

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Le Roulé has launched with a line-up of flavors, which includes: Garlic & Herb, Savory & Sweet Peppers, and Cranberry.

Le Roulé, which means "roll" in French, is handcrafted in France’s northeast mountain region of Les Vosges, in the village of Neufchâteau. Unlike other spreadable cheeses which are mass-produced, Le Roulé continues to be made just the way it was from the beginning, almost 40 years ago, with fresh curd spread atop a layer of spicy, tart or sweet ingredients, then rolled to form a log, sliced, and individually hand-packaged.

The Garlic & Herb flavor can also be used to enhance recipes such as pasta, soup, or atop a bagel with smoked salmon, company officials say. The pillar of the Le Roulé line, Garlic & Herb is available in a 5.3-ounce package.

The Savory & Sweet Peppers flavor includes herbs such as chili pepper, paprika, cumin, and coriander. Le Roulé Savory & Sweet Peppers is available in a 4.4-ounce package.

The Cranberry flavor ideal for spreading on a cracker or even on a bagel for an indulgent breakfast or snack, officials say. Le Roulé Cranberry is available in a 4.4-ounce package.


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