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Leverage Trending Cuisines to Drive Sales in the Meat Case

For grocers looking to drive more consumers to the meat case, highlighting current trends in cooking and cuisine can help introduce shoppers — especially younger generations — to all that the meat section has to offer.

Introduce shoppers to exciting new ideas for cooking with beef and pork using foods that fit their lifestyles — and satisfy their cravings — to increase and sustain sales for years to come.

Trend I: Globally inspired flavors

Global Trends

According to Technomic’s 2021 Center of the Plate: Beef & Pork report, demand for meat dishes featuring global flavors and ingredients continues to increase.

Asian cuisine is among the fastest-growing preferences for consumers choosing beef or pork, and global ingredients (such as chorizo, miso and Sriracha) are among the fastest growing flavor pairings.

Trend II: Health-forward recipes


Health and wellness are top of mind for younger consumers, and with many popular diets featuring higher protein consumption, meat perfectly fits the bill. Consequently, the number of consumers who consider beef and pork to be healthy has seen growth year over year.

Better-for-you claims not only have the potential to drive sales, but also to encourage premiumization. Consumers say they would pay top dollar for beef and pork products with quality-focused callouts.

Trend III: Blended dayparts and breakfast all day


It’s no secret that consumers love breakfast food — and unconventional uses for meat (think: steak & eggs) offer the perfect opportunity to blend dayparts for innovation during the morning meal or for breakfast offerings served all day.

Whereas beef and pork consumption has decreased at other dayparts, consumption of each protein has increased at breakfast.

Pork and beef products are among the fastest-growing proteins paired with breakfast.

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