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Lil Snappers

Stemilt Growers is adding two new varieties to its kid-sized apple snacks. Lil Snappers now include Braeburn and Fuji apples in addition to its original offering of Gala, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp and Piñata Apples and d’Anjou Pears. The company also introduced organic options in Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Piñata and Pink Lady varieties. Packaged in resealable, grab-and-go bags with colorful graphics, the kid-size apples and pears were selected to fit the flavor profiles that kids enjoy, say company officials. According to Roger Pepperl, marketing director, the design of Lil Snappers packaging and merchandising materials make it in an appealing item for parents and kids alike. "The new Lil Snappers package is great for getting kids to try new varieties of apples and pears," says Pepperl. "The size and flavor of Lil Snappers appeal to kids, while the package itself is very friendly to today's busy parents. They can grab an apple or pear, pack it in a sack lunch or serve it as a snack, and then reseal the bag and put it back in the fridge for use another day." The three-pound bags stand up in the fridge and have small ventilation holes that allow the fruit inside to breathe, maximizing freshness. The Wenatchee, Wash.-based grower also designed a pop-up display for Lil Snappers that allows produce managers to build secondary displays. Lil Snappersby Stemilt Growers www.stemilt.com


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