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Mann Packing Changes Fresh-Cut Sweet Potatoes

Mann Packing’s new and improved sweet potatoes are now crinkle-cut, making them look more like sweet potatoes look more like French fries. This change was made in response to a survey conducted by Mann to determine why fresh-cut sweet potato sales were lagging behind a spike seen in frozen sweet potato sales. In response to the survey, consumers said that when they saw a package of fresh-cut sweet potatoes, they looked like carrots. Consumer noted that "they eat sweet potatoes at home and in restaurants, but they weren’t aware that fresh-cut sweet potatoes existed, were preservative free compared to their frozen counterparts or where to find them in stores," say company officials. Mann changed the cut of the sweet potatoes to a crinkle style, added more information on pack and activated more direct-to-consumer communication activities to increase awareness for the product. The plate shot on the package front includes graphics that communicate immediate usage ideas and helps further identity the product, says Elena Hernandez, marketing and communication specialist. "Nothing says French fries like a ramekin of ketchup." No changes are being made to the UPC on either size package; however, the package size has reduced two ounces on both the large and small packages due to the change in product cut.  The suggested retail price is $3.29 to $4.99 depending on the market and size of the package. Crinkle-Cut Sweet Potatoes by Mann Packing



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