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Produce for Kids and Melissa’s Produce Launch Freaky Fruits for Halloween

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In the spirit of Halloween, Produce for Kids and Melissa’s Produce are teaming up to teach consumers how to utilize “Freaky Fruits” for their seasonal celebrations. The Freaky Fruits program will be available in grocery stores nationwide throughout the month of October, featuring a collection of bizarre fruits, recipe cards and demos. Plus, Produce for Kids and Melissa’s Produce will host a cross-platform campaign including a Twitter party, produce giveaways, blog posts and produce tips to inspire consumers to make healthy choices during the spooky season.

“Halloween is all about candy, but increasingly we see consumers who want their décor and recipes to really stand out,” says Amber Bloom, digital marketing manager at Produce for Kids. “This fruit tastes delicious and the recipes look great in a Halloween party spread, without being loaded with sugar.”

The Freaky Fruits program features odd-looking produce like jackfruit, passion fruit, dragon fruit, rambutan and kiwano melons. To help consumers identify the items, the companies have built an interactive quiz, “How well do you know these Freaky Fruits?,” available on Produce for Kids’ website. Visitors who take the quiz will be entered to win a Freaky Fruits price pack from Melissa’s Produce.

On Oct. 12, Produce for Kids and Melissa’s Produce will host a Twitter party, featuring the hashtag #FreakyFruits, where users can share ideas and crowdsource inspiration on how to add a healthy twist to Halloween. Katie Serbinski, official registered dietitian at Produce for Kids and author of “Mom to Mom Nutrition,” will host the virtual event, and attendees will have four chances to win a Freaky Fruits prize pack.

“These are the kinds of things that people love sharing on social media, and through this fun digital campaign with Produce for Kids, we can bring awareness to healthier choices that still align with the Halloween season,” says Nick Quintero director of social media at Melissa’s Produce. “Social media is the perfect way to teach shoppers about tropical fruit while inspiring them to add Freaky Fruits to their shopping cart this Halloween season.”

In addition to the quiz and Twitter party, Melissa’s Produce will be guest blogging on the Produce for Kids blog and Produce for Kids will be highlighting Freaky Fruits on the newly launched Produce Tips section of 



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