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Promote the Incredible Egg

Eggs are an essential player in many popular holiday recipes. They are already on most shopping lists, so take advantage of their popularity and versatility by adding them to in-store promotions and outbound ads around holiday baking, meal prep and entertaining — and drive incremental sales at the holidays.

In addition to being a perennial best-seller — how many lists have you made that include eggs, bread and milk? — data indicate eggs also drive additional purchases:

A recent NielsenIQ Homescan Panel analysis shows that the average retail basket size is nearly twice as large when eggs are purchased. Specifically, the data show that when people buy eggs, the average grocery trip ticket total rises from under $50 to more than $98.[1]

In addition to a regular grocery-run staple, it’s likely that eggs prompt shoppers to pick up other items. In-store visibility for eggs during the holidays offers two distinct opportunities to substantially boost sales: 1) Shoppers will think of reasons why they need more eggs, and 2) shoppers will think of other complementary items they need to buy, as well.

Simple ways to drive holiday sales with eggs

Showcasing eggs is good business throughout the year, and holidays are a perfect time to call even more attention to them. Baking and larger-batch cooking are on the upswing now, so capture a piece of that activity by adding eggs to promotional materials. Some ideas include:

  • Add eggs to regular, in-store and digital promo copy.
  • Put extra emphasis on baking ideas, inspiration and recipes, and highlight eggs in promotions that feature other holiday baking staples like flour and sugar.
  • Provide recipes for holiday favorites like eggnog or popular appetizers like deviled eggs in holiday-related customer engagement content.

Reminding shoppers that having eggs on hand means not coming up short when it’s time to bake a cake, prepare a casserole or just whip up a platter of deviled eggs will be helpful and appreciated during the hectic holidays. This has the added benefit of building brand loyalty, where the grocery store is more than a place to shop; it’s a source of ideas and inspiration.

Capitalize on this holiday season’s uptick around more parties and gatherings

Eggs are a holiday shopping essential — especially this year. Shoppers are coming back into stores, they are making plans to gather and entertain and they will be cooking in big batches. A recent study by Datassential reports that fewer than 30% of consumers plan to celebrate the holidays at home with just immediate friends and family.  Additionally, AAA forecasted a 13% increase in Thanksgiving travel for 2021 compared to 2020. 

People are eager to create fun, safe, in-person gatherings for friends, family and professional colleagues. Let eggs help you make grocery shopping a more engaging part of your shoppers’ overall holiday experience.

[1] Client calculation based in part on data reported by NielsenIQ through its Homescan Panel Service for the chicken egg category for the 52-week period ending 7/31/21, for Total US All Outlets.

This post is sponsored by American Egg Board