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Schuman Cheese Launches Yellow Door Creamery

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Schuman Cheese, the fourth-generation Italian cheese company, has debuted a line of specialty cheeses as part of the company’s 70th Anniversary celebration. The line, Yellow Door Creamery, is entirely rBST-free. The launch features a series of award-winning Hand-Rubbed Fontina Cheeses and Brilliant Blue Cheeses.

“Our team is continuously striving to deliver innovative, flavorful options to cheese lovers, industry leaders, and home chefs alike,” says Ilana Fischer, vice president, innovation and strategy at Schuman Cheese. “For years we have been developing ideas for products that surpass expectations and resolve issues typically associated with cheese—consumers can now say ‘goodbye’ to bland flavors and messy blue cheeses, and ‘hello’ to Yellow Door Creamery’s Hand-Rubbed Fontina and Brilliant Blue Cheeses.”

The Hand-Rubbed Fontina Cheese Collection offers an array of curated flavors like Harissa, Tuscan and Habanero & Lime. These distinct and custom spice combinations can be added on to dishes that need a little flair or combined together on a cheese plate. They are the perfect addition to any sandwich, salad or pasta dish, say company officials.

 The Brilliant Blue Collection features ‘Maxi Cubes,’ which are sliceable, meltable, and packaged and portioned for single use, and dust-free, non-clumping ‘Mini Cubes.' Now consumers can enjoy authentic blue cheese without the clumpy mess.


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