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Fresh Food

Giant Brings Back Local Produce Boxes

The grocer said the Local Produce Boxes will be available throughout the summer on a weekly basis, with no commitment or subscription required.

Fresh Food

Evolution of the Meat Case

The push for convenience is a major driver for innovation in the meat department. Retailers see consistent demand from shoppers prioritizing foods that require minimal prep, if any: Two in five meat consumers say they seek out products that take less time to prepare, according to Midan Marketing

"Growth will continue, but at a slower pace than the industry experienced during the 2020 pandemic-influenced whirlwind of grocery shopping and at-home meal preparation," says Denise Purcell of the Specialty Food Association.

For grocers looking to drive more consumers to the meat case, highlighting current trends in cooking and cuisine can help introduce shoppers — especially younger generations — to all that the meat section has to offer.

Consumers who want a restaurant-quality experience but a “more economical way of doing that” are finding the answer in their grocer’s deli departments, said Adam Brohimer, president of Category Partners, during a workshop at the IDDBA 2022 show.

While plant-based meals are finding their way into many consumers’ recipe repertoires — especially among younger demographics including millennials and Gen Z — meat still has a firm footing in these generations’ diets. In fact, younger generations increased their consumption of meat, including red meats, over the last year.

The facility will bring produce to about 50 million people within 200 miles, the vertical farming company said.

WGB Executive Editor Christine LaFave Grace talks with Jan DeLyser, vice president of marketing at the California Avocado Commission, about how the avocado market is shaping up this season, what con...

Producer prices for eggs soared 161% year over year and wholesale grain prices spiked 41% in a month that saw wholesale food inflation significantly outpace overall producer price inflation.

While today’s consumers still prioritize taste when making purchasing decisions at the meat counter, research shows grocery shoppers are more interested than ever in knowing where their food comes fro...

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