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Fresh Food

A Template for Better Traceability of Foodborne Illness

A standardized reporting template speeds traceback investigations, pilot projects find.

Fresh Food

Giant Expands Partnership With Flashfood to 33 Stores

Flashfood, an app that helps drive store traffic and reduce waste by discounting near sell-by foods, is expanding to another 33 Giant and Martin's stores, the Ahold Delhaize USA brand said.

The veteran beef and pork marketer joins the Breakroom to discuss the challenges of COVID, meat alternatives, what makes a good department at retail and NHL hockey.

Existing COVID-19 protocols would let meatpackers administer COVID-19 vaccinations "in an orderly and efficient fashion," meat groups say.

Consumers are gobbling up a lot more than turkey this holiday season, new IRI data indicates.

The Lempert Report: Survey of 5,000 consumers in 10 European countries reveals how the lockdown has had a profound impact on food purchasing and consumption.

Shoppers seek an immunity boost from fruits and veggies.

Eight months into the pandemic, the meat department sat 15%-20% above year-ago levels.

When supply was tight, many consumers switched from fresh to frozen.

Value-added beef sees a 16.5% sales increase from a year ago, followed by all other meat, pork and turkey.

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