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Fresh Food

Stats to Savor as Summer Grilling Heats Up

What are shoppers purchasing with their burgers and hot dogs? AdAdapted's analysis of shopper list data answers this question and more.

Fresh Food

Health a Key Factor for Buying Plant-Based Dairy, Meat Products: Acosta

Study finds 40% of today’s shoppers bought meat and/or dairy alternatives within the last six months.

It's a misconception to think that indoor farming is inherently safer, writes FMI's senior director of food and product safety—and retailers need to be aware of indoor farms' unique potential challenges.

Grains and vegetables saw sharp spikes in wholesale prices as the Producer Price Index moved higher again last month.

Today's grocery shoppers want it all—taste, affordability and, increasingly, the assurance the food they purchase was raised in a sustainable manner. A 2021 survey found nearly 60%of U.S. consumers sa...

Global cuisines are increasingly popular at restaurants, and consumer preferences are crossing over to retail now, too. According to Technomic’s recent Global Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report...

"The innovations that are happening in premium milk are driving all of the growth in milk," says Blake Waltrip, U.S. CEO of the a2 Milk Co.

Continued pressure on commodities will push prices at grocery stores and restaurants still higher through 2022, the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts.

WGB’s annual report, with data and insights from IRI, examines how easing COVID-19 restrictions affected cheese’s performance in 2021—compared to its blockbuster year in 2020—and what to expect in the year ahead.

The nation's top court will decide if California can ban the purchase of meat from animals raised in tight confines.

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