GMDC 2020 Champions of Change

GMDC 2020 Champions of Change

Johanna Zeilstra

The best part of my job is working to make a difference, whether it is on behalf of a corporation, an employee or a consumer.

GMDC 2020 Champions of Change

Kathy Caldwell

The best part of my job is building a new organization at Sanofi that includes new functions for our teams and allows us to be more strategic with our customers.

WGB and GMDC honor industry leaders for their part in advancing the retail segment.

Seeing my team achieve their business and personal goals.

First and foremost, the best part of my job is working for a company like Energizer.

Throughout my career, and especially now, I love building businesses, programs and capabilities that improve customers’ lives or that help companies serve their customers.

I enjoy the diversity of my role, focused on industry and agency engagement.

The best part of the job is the excitement of a client brand-new to retail seeing their products on shelf.

My Hello family, our partners, the incredible innovation we bring forward and the delightfulness it brings the consumers transacting with and, most importantly, joining our brand.

The people. I enjoy all my retailers, peers and Clorox friends. I am blessed to be able to network in such a great industry.

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