According to an excerpt of the nomination submitted on his behalf from a colleague, “Ray Schrumpf exemplifies a Champion of Change. As a GM/HBC executive [with] over 35 years [of] industry experience, Ray continues to demonstrate superior qualities of a leader that inspires his team to be tenacious in fulfilling commitments to our customers, creating a diverse and inclusive work environment and fostering innovation from every level of the team and organization. Ray’s leadership has resulted in significant growth for C&S’ GM/HBC department and has cultivated thought leadership in an ever-changing landscape by empowering his team to anticipate and adapt to changes in the market and customer expectations. Ray has developed, mentored and paved the path for many leaders at C&S and continues to share his knowledge to future leaders and individual contributors at all levels that will allow C&S to continue its growth and succession plan. Ray is not only a Champion of Change for C&S, but throughout the GM/HBC industry.”