According to an excerpt of the nomination submitted on Lupfer’s behalf from a colleague, “Rebecca is strategic thinker, viewing every challenge and change through many lenses, and is not afraid to test, try and learn to achieve the best possible outcome. As a solution-oriented leader, she sees obstacles as opportunities for growth, resulting in her team frequently coming in first for sales events. Her vast experience across Giant and Ahold USA in auditing, pricing and merchandising gives her a strong pulse on the customers and their desires. Beyond her professional success, she is someone who goes out of her way to empower the more than 70 team members she leads, both by example, setting a high bar for their achievements, but also with her thoughtful, respectful and caring demeanor. Rebecca’s ability to be present and in the moment plays a large role in her efficiency. She is able to identify action items, answer questions with immediacy and make group decisions quickly and effectively.”