What’s the best part of your job?

People are the most important assets of an organization. I thoroughly enjoy establishing positive business relationships with employees, business partners, vendors and customers while developing a few lifelong friendships along the way. The world is filled with people, not just products. I’ve found that personal fulfilment from profit is important but shortsighted. Relationships are a partnership and, from a business perspective, it has to be beneficial for both parties. When we are able to accomplish this objective, there is a sense of fulfillment.

What inspires your leadership approach?

Healthy business relationships improve teamwork and brings about customer satisfaction. It’s important to treat all employees with respect while giving them accolades for their successes and positive critiques to encourage growth. Respect increases employee productivity, commitment to their jobs and contributes to the growth of our grocery industry. Our employees of today will become our leaders of tomorrow. Adam Gonzales, a Coca-Cola scholar, once said: “Someone believed in me before I believed in myself,” and it is important to remember this sentiment when helping to nurture and mentor team members. The start of growing the grocery industry starts with the development of our new and young future leaders. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing our future industry leaders develop their confidence, which transcends into a passion burgeoning the future of the grocery industry.

What do you cherish most about being a part of the grocery business?

Deli cheese is an exciting, ever-evolving category. The mix can change but merchandising, presentation and fresh concepts drive sales. Although new products appear to be the easy answer for growth, I revel in finding the balance between growing new and old.