What inspires your leadership approach?

My leadership approach comes from years of serving on highly functioning teams that have navigated through many transitions and challenges. I respect the roles and contributions that everyone on the team makes, and I never ask a team member to do something I would not do myself. My passion is identifying, utilizing and appreciating the unique abilities and skills that each member brings to the team. To inspire strategic change, I encourage my team to trust their team members, share their ideas on creative solutions and to participate fully in our changing retail environment.

How would you define a Champion of Change?

A Champion of Change is open to strategic changes and is not emotionally tied to the ways things have been done in the past. It is important in our evolving environment to be aware of, and anticipate, the changing needs of our customers today but also three years from today. A Champion of Change is focused on utilizing available data that helps them understand who the customer is and how do we meet their needs and desires. It is important to not only consider the customers you currently have but also the new customers you want to attract and win over.

Favorite food: Tacos.